Conventual Analog Load Cells
Electronics in Hostile Area

HYTRONIC technology, an Emery Winslow exclusive, combines state-of-the-art electronic instrumentation with virtually indestructible hydrostatic load cell weight sensing for a system with no electronics in the area of greatest potential abuse - the scale platform. HYTRONIC design allows the sealed hydrostatic weight signals to be transmitted to a clean, controlled area where the signals are totalized and converted into a single electronic signal, which in turn drives the scale's digital weight indicator.

Emery Winslow


SERIES 60-102

Stainless Steel and Steel

Tank Mounts

3K and 10K

SERIES 60-120

Stainless Steel

Tank Mounts

5K and 20K


Stainless Steel

Load Cell - Truck Scales and Railroad Scales

75K, 100K, and 200K

Floor Scales

Prices and Specifications subject to change without notice
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