Checkweighers to fit your
needs not ours

Shown with light stick option
AP-X1-600 Series
High Performance
Checkweighing Systems
$13,000 to $17,000
Speeds to 250 packages / min
3 to 15 kg. Capacities
Belt Lengths 1.5' to 5'
Belt Widths 4" to 12"
Software based Operating System
for ultimate flexibility

Common off the shelf parts


Add a Raster Scanner
To Read A Barcode
Send information to Computer
Use Internal Data Base to
Recall Product Information
Put weight on a Label



Print and Apply a Label
after box is weighed

 Now there is a competitively priced Checkweigher with the ability to handle most, if not all of your checkweighing requirements. A.P. Dataweigh's line of AP-X1-600 Checkweighers fit 80% of the applications in their standard configuration. With our state of the art Software based operating system we configure to your application without costly hardware or PLC acquisitions. If needed this open architecture allows excellent flexibility to interface with or control existing peripheral equipment. Designed with mostly off the shelf electrical parts, this series can easily be supported from your favorite local equipment or scale company. Saving on costly service calls, flights, car rentals, hotels, and other expenses that are charged to you from out of state service staff.



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